Ascending Safely: Prioritizing Elevator Safety Innovations for Elevator Components


In the world of vertical transportation, safety is paramount. As urban landscapes continue to grow taller, the need for reliable and secure elevator systems becomes increasingly critical. MAS Industries, a leading elevator and elevator components manufacturer in India, has gained a stellar reputation for an unwavering commitment to safety components. Focusing on engineering excellence and cutting-edge technology, MAS Industries has emerged as one of the best manufacturers in the country for elevator parts, elevator safety features and setting new industry standards and ensuring passengers travel safely.

A Legacy of Safety:

MAS Industries is India’s first company to manufacture CE-certified elevator safety components!

Based out of Mumbai, MAS Industries has a rich history that spans two decades. From its inception, the company has placed safety at the forefront of its operations, recognizing the responsibility of transporting people efficiently and securely. With a constant commitment to quality, we have earned the trust of our customers and have proudly become synonymous with safety in the elevator industry.

As one of the best manufacturers in the country, MAS Industries recognizes the vital role each elevator component plays in ensuring passenger safety. By adhering to stringent quality control measures and rigorous testing procedures, MAS Industries ensures that every component produced is reliable, durable, and capable of withstanding the demands of daily elevator operations. The company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, enable the production of high-quality components that are not only safe but also efficient in enhancing elevator performance.

Let’s explore our elevator safety components and highlight their significance in creating secure and reliable elevator systems.

Overspeed Governor:

The overspeed governor is a critical safety device that monitors elevator speed. MAS Industries designs and manufactures overspeed governors with precision, ensuring they engage in case of excessive speed, triggering the emergency braking system. This component acts as a fail-safe mechanism, preventing potential accidents due to uncontrolled speed. You’ll find certified Overspeed Governors at MAS.

Safety Clutch:

The safety clutch is a vital component that safeguards the elevator system against overload on other components. Its primary function is to prevent any uncontrolled or rapid downward movement of the elevator car in case of a malfunction. Our safety gears are engineered to ensure smooth and secure operations under varying load conditions. You’ll find certified Safety Gears at MAS.

Rope Anchorage

Rope anchorage provides a secure point of attachment for elevator ropes. MAS Industries ensures that our rope anchorage systems are robust and reliable, capable of withstanding extreme loads and forces. By utilizing high-quality materials and precise engineering, we are able to guarantee the integrity of the elevator system’s primary support structure. 

Guide Shoe

Guide shoes play a crucial role in maintaining the alignment of elevator cars within the shaft. MAS Industries guide shoes are meticulously designed and manufactured to minimize friction and ensure smooth vertical movement. By providing precise guidance, these components prevent any potential misalignment or imbalance, enhancing passenger safety. 

Diverter Pulley

Diverter pulleys are essential for redirecting the elevator ropes from the car to the counterweight. MAS Industries diverter pulleys are engineered to offer smooth rope movement and minimal friction. This component ensures proper distribution of weight, preventing any excessive strain on the ropes and guaranteeing safe and efficient operation.

Rail Clip:

Rail clips secure the elevator guide rails to the supporting structure, providing stability and preventing dislocation. MAS Industries rail clips are designed to withstand varying forces and vibrations, ensuring a secure connection between the rails and the building structure. This component is crucial for maintaining the overall integrity and safety of the elevator system. 

Bulldog Clip:

Bulldog clips, also known as wire rope grips, are used to secure elevator ropes to their respective attachment points. MAS Industries bulldog clips are manufactured with precision to ensure a firm grip on the ropes, preventing any slippage or loosening. This component plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the elevator system. 

Cable Gripper

Cable grippers are essential components that secure and adjust elevator cables’ tension. MAS Industries cable grippers are designed to provide a reliable and secure grip on the cables, preventing any potential slack or excessive tension. This component ensures the proper functioning and longevity of the elevator system, enhancing passenger safety.

Rubber Item:

Rubber items, such as buffers and gaskets, serve as vital shock absorbers and seals in elevator systems. MAS Industries utilizes high-quality rubber materials that withstand varying environmental conditions and provide effective cushioning and sealing. These components reduce noise, vibration, and potential water or dust ingress, enhancing passenger comfort and safety. 


Oilers are crucial for lubricating various moving parts within the elevator system, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. MAS Industries oilers are designed to provide precise and consistent lubrication, reducing friction and wear on critical components. This enhances the elevator’s performance, minimizes maintenance requirements, improves the longevity of components and ultimately contributes to passenger safety.

Buffer Spring: 

Buffer spring another vital safety components that absorb the impact in case of an elevator overspeed or emergency stop. MAS Industries buffer springs are engineered to provide controlled deceleration and cushioning, minimizing the risk of injury to passengers and preventing damage to the elevator system. These springs offer a reliable safety measure during unforeseen events.

Bracket, Keys, and Fasteners: 

Brackets, keys, and fasteners are essential for securely attaching and connecting various elevator components. MAS Industries meticulously designs and manufactures these crucial parts, ensuring their reliability and strength. By utilizing high-quality materials and precise engineering, MAS Industries guarantees the integrity and stability of the elevator system, enhancing overall safety and performance. 


MAS Industries’ commitment to delivering you top quality safety components has positioned us as one of the leading manufacturers in India. By prioritizing the elevator safety features, quality and reliability of crucial elevator components, MAS Industries ensures that each passenger can experience secure and comfortable vertical transportation. With their commitment to engineering excellence and customer satisfaction, MAS Industries continues to enhance safety standards and set new benchmarks in the elevator industry.

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