Galaxy Wellness

Galaxy Wellness is a practical traction MRL solution for hospitals. Serving rated loads of up to 1000kg, Atlas Premium is a versatile option, able to be adapted to fit any size of shaft. Featuring automated emergency evacuation capabilities, Galaxy Wellness provides peace of mind for the traveller.

Passengers can enjoy seamless, stress-free travel and reduced waiting times with the additional feature of Destination Control. Outstanding performance and exceptionally low energy consumption are guaranteed.


Low noise levels

Gearless motor and state-of-the-art inverter combined with innovative design guarantees remarkably low noise levels inside and outside the cabin. The noise level inside the cabin (measured according to ISO 18738) during the lift operation reaches 52-54 dB (A).

Spatial efficiency

Optimum space efficiency is granted for high density passenger flow provided by the capability for larger car installation in a standard shaft.

Emergency alarm call management

The emergency auto dialer provides reliable communication according to EN 81-28 in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Emergency evacuation

In the unlikely event of power failure, the emergency evacuation system ensures the safe transportation of passengers to the nearest floor where the doors automatically open as to allow the car exit.


Atlas Premium has been designed according to the Eco design principles (ISO 14006) and holds an Environmental Product Declaration in compliance with ISO 14025.

Fast delivery

MAS provides record fast delivery for standard orders.


  • Suspension
  • 2:1
  • Machine Room
  • MR/MRL
  • Max Car Travel(m)
  • 45
  • Max Number of Stops
  • 16
  • Max Car Speed (m/s)
  • 1.75
  • Rated Load(kg)
  • 800-1500
  • Motor
  • Geared/Gearless
  • Shaft Structure
  • NA
  • Min Pit Depth(mm)
  • 2150
  • Min Headroom(mm)
  • 4800
  • Max Car entrance
  • 2

Elevator Features

Anti-Vandal Lifts

Destination Control System

Earthquake Resistant


Green Lifts

Magic mirror

Virtual Window


Proposed Cabins